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First visit to Sampdoria

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Apologies for writing in English. I'm from the UK - me and my dad have supported Sampdoria ever since Football Italia was on TV in the UK in the 90s. He turns 70 next year and I want to take him to our first game as a present. 

Can you advise me on what the best way to buy tickets is - if I buy from U.C. Sampdoria | Biglietteria - U.C. Sampdoria, can I collect from the stadium or is there a better way?

Where would you suggest getting tickets (what part of the stadium)? Which games sell out?

Thanks for your advice - very much appreciated!


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sorry for my English, maybe our scottish user Doriastuart :smile:, or the British one  Djsmith will do better :smile:

First of all a big hug for you supporting Sampdoria from the UK :sciarpata:

I suppose the best way to buy tickets is on line through the official web site , then you can print the ticket and that's all.

Gradinata Sud is the sector where the warmer supporters stands but it is sold out for all the season. 

For the other sector usually there are no problem except the derby, I suggest you to choose Distinti 2° Anello , you will be near the "Sud" and have a good view of the match and the "gradinata" .

When you will decide to come to Genova, let us know, maybe we can arrange an appointment for a beer before the match



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Hi mate Hi Daniel, thank you for visiting this Sampdoria forum from UK.

I deeply regret being late for my reply but I was so busy this week.  Buying tickets from the official channel / official Sampdoria web site should be the best option for you. Sadly the  South End is sold out, plenty of tickets wherever you like for the remaining stadium section. In my humble opinion Distinti Stand might be fine for you, central tier level 2.

We all do hope to see you here if will come and see us. Please do not forget to inform us accordingly. It will be a pleasure to meet you.

All the very best and have a great 2018 !


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33 minuti fa, Orejus33 dice:

Buonasera, dopo un periodo di assenza ritorno. Per la felicità di molti di voi!!!!! 

Lo hai detto, però perchè proprio in questo thread? :paranoiadivano: 

Peccato che non c'è più la faccina che si tocca. 

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